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What is an induction hob?

Induction hobs are by far our biggest selling type of hob over the last few years and this is only set to grow. For induction hobs to work the it requires contact with a ferrous metal such as a steel or iron saucepan – one a magnet will stick too! Once contact is made an electromagnetic current passes through the pan and generates energy in the form of vibrations. These in turn emanate heat. This means all the heat is heating the pan and food but when this is removed the hob is not scolding to touch in turn meaning spilt food is easily wiped off!

How long does it take to heat up?

Compared to electric and gas hobs, induction hobs have a power boost which produces a 50% increase in power output, this means it can heat up twice as fast as its equivalent, as well as cooling as quick as a gas hob meaning it is well suited to modern and busy lifestyles.

Are Induction hobs environmentally friendly?

Induction cooking is more environmentally friendly than other forms of hob cooking due to its energy efficiency. There are no CO2 emissions and there is very little energy that is wasted when cooking.

“As almost all of the heat generated is transferred into the food, they (induction hobs) use considerably less energy than other hobs… The energy requirement of an induction hob is 15-50% less than that of a conventional gas or electric hob. As less heat is generated, further savings are also achieved through reduced ventilation requirements.”

When buying an induction hob please be aware that if you have anything magnetic around or under the hob such as cutlery it may conduct the heat. Also, customers with pacemakers or who have family members that could come into contact with the hob shouldn’t have an induction hob. The magnetic field can cause issues with the pacemaker device and so we recommend consulting your doctor on this issue.

At Clarendon Kitchens we supply a range of appliances including AEG. As a company we are proud to be part of AEG’s Premier Partner Programme which allows us to offer our customers an extended warranty on all of our AEG appliances thus meaning our customers get 5 year warranties instead of the standard 2 years.